MediCloud: Digital Evolution of Medical Data

Nandish Bhayani
3 min readNov 11, 2021

Where Technology and Medical Science meets, evolution begins.

About the Project:

The Covid-19 era has taught us regarding the importance of our physical and mental health in real life. Even after having so many technological advancements, we are still lagging behind in development of a system that can fully digitalize the medical data of each individual and makes it easily accessible for both, the patient and the health-worker at any point in time. Also, there is no way for the government to identify whether a particular clinic is legitimate or not. Our project focuses on providing a one-stop platform to the government, doctors, nurses, and patients through which they can access their data effortlessly. One more benefit is that the portal created will check the authenticity of doctors. Data is regarded as one of an organization’s most important assets, and a breach may engender animosity among users or even put users’ lives in jeopardy. The security of data is of chief importance and must be handled with utmost priority. The system proposed is based on the technology of cloud computing which assures the security of data and avoids any kind of breach. The project also keeps in mind the difficulties that might be faced in creating such infrastructure in the cloud and tries to overcome the hurdles faced during the course of the project, keeping enough room for possible innovations in the future. To conclude, this project focuses on the digitalization of medical data and also throws light on a few ways in which we can achieve the same. On the flip side, it also focuses on some pillars like security and possible digitalization difficulties.


AWS Architecture

The web-app is stored in EC2 instances supported by load balancers with database residing in Amazon RDS as shown in figure.

Snapshots of Web Application